Making Cents of Finance is a financial education business with an enormous presence on numerous platforms.

It is our mission to simplify the aspects of personal finance and investing for the

younger generation. From infographics on Instagram to in-depth videos on

YouTube, our educational materials are available for FREE where the

younger generations will see them, social media.

Starting in August 2018, Making Cents of Finance has already built an audience

of over 230,000 followers across its platforms as well as its posts being

seen over 30 million times.



This is our most successful platform. With over 200,000 followers, you can expect daily posts about personal finance and investing as well as our famous daily finance tip stories.


This is a relatively new platform for us, but it is one you will find much value in. On our YouTube channel, we create in-depth videos about personal finance and investing.


This is our most professional platform. On LinkedIn, you can expect to see more in-depth written content about investing as well as blog posts that are uploaded weekly.